MLW Star Logan Creed on Signing With MLW and Turning Down a WWE Tryout, Navigating COVID-19 Pandemic, More

MLW Star Logan Creed on Signing With MLW and Turning Down a WWE Tryout, Navigating COVID-19 Pandemic, More

MLW star Logan Creed discusses why MLW was the right place for him to sign and turning down a WWE tryout, how MLW is handling the hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, how the pandemic will affect wrestling going forward, MLW's partnership with AAA, his love of Marvel comics, getting involved with the new horror film Dead By Midnight, breaking away from the Dynasty, and much more. 0:00: Introduction 1:55: On his name being inspired by Marvel Comics' Wolverine and Sabretooth 3:10: On when he became a fan of wrestling and watching NWA growing up 4:07: On what his gear and look being inspired by Sting and Ultimate Warrior 5:15: On developing his in-ring style, finding a balance between his size and speed, pushing his limits in the ring 7:24: On joining MLW and why it was the best choice for him at the time, being offered a WWE tryout and why he turned it down 9:20: On his development in MLW from joining the Dynasty to striking out on his own 10:23: On how Court Bauer is continuing to expand the brand MLW during the COVID-19 pandemic, working with Bauer on his storyline 12:36: On being a professional wrestler during the pandemic, his advice for people who are struggling right now 15:21: On the Dynasty trying to get a cut of his movie deal and if he's planning to going after them, taking aim at Alex Hammerstone's title 16:51: On his involvement in the horror film Dead By Midnight, how he got the role and his experience filming it, being a fan of Tales From the Crypt 20:10: On the promo process in MLW, how it's a collaborative process 21:40: On MLW's deal with AAA and wanting to go mix it up with the wrestlers in AAA, the MLW vs. AAA Super Series card being the last live crowd show to date 23:05: On the importance of live audiences to wrestling shows, how different it is to compete without an audience and if MLW has a plan going forward 25:36: On signing his first MLW contract and what it meant to him, who he'd like to work with in MLW going forward and what he thinks of the current roster 28:32: On how the current pandemic will affect the wrestling business going forward, what companies should consider when they begin to reopen, being eager to get back in the ring 31:43: On how to bring Wolverine into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the idea of a Hulk vs. Wolverine movie, Mark Ruffalo's performance as the Hulk 33:12: Where to find him online 35:00: Outro

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