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Artificial intelligence and the Highly Creative Solo Business

Artificial intelligence and the Highly Creative Solo Business

For years now, we’ve heard warnings of massive job losses due to the rise of artificial intelligence in business. A study from McKinsey suggests that by 2030, intelligent agents and robots could eliminate the jobs of 800 million people worldwide.The flip side of this prediction is that, as with every other major technological transformation, more jobs will be created than lost. The idea is that the people who adapt and learn to work with machines will be the best off.That remains to be seen for the employed, but for solo business owners, there’s no doubt that we’ll use artificial intelligence to enhance our businesses. No “boss” can replace us with software or a robot, but we will replace ourselves as much as possible.So what will that leave us to do? Advanced technology will free us up to focus on the uniquely human aspects of our businesses, and that will center around enhanced creative thinking.This week’s episode is all about creativity – a human quality so distinctive, differentiating, and valuable that it actually becomes more important the closer technology comes to mimicking it.Joining us this week is Jason Miller, a digital marketing veteran who has worked at Marketo, LinkedIn, and Microsoft. Jason has been on the front lines of the automation and artificial intelligence business revolution for over a decade, and his message is music to the ears of creative entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to create outsized impacts with emerging technology.***This episode is brought to you by Freshbooks, cloud accounting software designed specifically for solo business owners. They’re offering a 30-day, no credit card required free trial to listeners of 7-Figure Small. To claim it, just visit and make sure to enter UNEMPLOYABLE in the “How Did You Hear About Us?” section.

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