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Everywhere is a Startup Hub

Everywhere is a Startup Hub

The early days of the tech startup craze would have you believe that Silicon Valley was not only the place to be, it was the only place to be. Or maybe Boston or New York City, but those were all the acceptable choices.As time went on, Seattle, Austin, and Boulder became part of the conversation. But what about Indianapolis, Nashville, and Pittsburgh?Truth is, there are vibrant startup communities all over the place. Not to mention the increasing numbers of seven figure small businesses that operate outside of the venture capital circus all together.Matt Hunckler has been working tirelessly for years making the case that the middle of America amounts to an undervalued asset, rich in markets, new business ideas, and budding entrepreneurs. His company Powderkeg brings entrepreneurs between the coasts together to find the resources they need to grow and thrive.Matt joins us this week to discuss Powerkeg’s mission. We also talk about how the pandemic is accelerating the idea of “everywhere is a startup hub,” and how Powderkeg quickly pivoted from live events to virtual value for its members out of obvious necessity.***If you’re about to start something up for yourself, or even pivot your existing business, you’ll want to take our free audio course Next Level 7. In six lessons, I’ll show you what's working right now for attracting an audience, discovering what they want to buy, and building your perfect business. Just head over to to sign up.

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