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What It Takes to Build a Successful Online Community

What It Takes to Build a Successful Online Community

For as long as bits and packets have been buzzing across the Internet, people have been congregating in chat rooms, forums, comment sections, and groups to discuss shared interests, learn new things, and feel a sense of belonging.And as the Internet has evolved, so too have the technologies for facilitating community. It’s easier, it’s more accessible, and now, it’s more profitable. At least, it can be, for those who are bold and knowledgeable enough to stand up and lead the conversation that attracts people to an online community in the first place ... and who are also humble enough to devote the time, enthusiasm, and empathy necessary to give people the sense of belonging that keeps them coming back.This is what Brian Clark and I are working to build inside of the Unemployable Initiative, our online community and educational library for freelancers and solopreneurs, and it’s what Chris Ducker has built for his audience of personal brand builders over at Youpreneur.Chris is our guest this week on the 7-Figure Small podcast, and we talk about his journey to running a 7-figure small business around helping people become the go-to leader in their industry and, in the process, build a-future proofed business.We also dive into the impact that community has had on Chris’ business. He shares:Where his community fits into his overall business modelWhat it takes to host a community that people are excited to join ... and stick aroundWhat he means by “vibe attracts tribe”Why the power of online communities will only grow with the way work, technology, and society are currently trendingAnd much more.Also, this was truly a podcast recording for the coronavirus everyone-is-at-home age. At one point, Chris had an urgent phone call come in that he had to take, and at another point my 3-year old daughter fell off of an obstacle course that she had built for herself in the living room. So if you hear any awkward cuts, that’s why. ***This episode is brought to you by Freshbooks, easy-to-use cloud accounting software for people like you. Right now they’re offering a 30-day, no credit card required free trial to listeners of the podcast. To claim it, just visit and make sure to enter UNEMPLOYABLE in the “How Did You Hear About Us?” section.

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