#38: Billy Ocean - Loverboy

#38: Billy Ocean - Loverboy

0:00 Whoopsie Intro  0:02 THE Billy Ocean 0:13 Expert Reports: Billy Ocean Buyer's Guide 0:20 Commercial Break 0:23 Judas Priest Concert Review 0:29 New Order - ∑(No,12k,Lg,17Mif) 0:32 New Cure 0:33 New Synthwave (Damokles & Dance with the Dead) 0:34 Stranger Things 3 0:41 Rantin'bout Reboots, Bitchin'bout Sequels 0:47 Mark Hollis RIP Featured Links: DonorSee: Send money to people all over the world and see the impact you make.      

Duration: 50 min

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