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S1:E3 SFA Interview with Lt Col Brandon "Coach" Davenport, 2 SWS/CC

S1:E3 SFA Interview with Lt Col Brandon "Coach" Davenport, 2 SWS/CC

On this edition of “A Space Pro”, I interview Lt Col Brandon “Coach” Davenport, the second space warning squadron commander on his Schriever Essay Award winning paper “On Implementing a Space war-fighting construct…A treatise on applied frameworks from other domains”. In his paper he discusses the four tenants that are going to be necessary for future space warfighters, they are authority, responsibility, decision making and leadership. He mentions space warfighters need to have the situational awareness in order to make decisions. He also draws the comparison between the United States Space Force and the Navy by discussing the importance of both the blue and brown water Navy. He also discusses the need for a live, virtual, constructive environment to help train the force. For the complete paper go to and search for the title of this paper. A space pro podcast covers topics from military, industry, civil and education sectors. To gain a better understanding of what the US Space Force is all about and why it is a critical component to our National Security, please go to and sign up for updates on all topics related to our newest military service. --- Support this podcast:

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