A Tea Party

A Tea Party

Hello everyone! Welcome to

Hello everyone! Welcome to "A Tea Party," a podcast where two Asian-American high school students give you the latest tea on down-the-middle politics and what it’s like to be a student from our generation, all while drinking tea. We also include special segments, so make sure to send in questions, ask for advice, or give suggestions for phrases of the week to 'ateapartypodcast@gmail.com'. We'll see you then!

Episodes: 8


Ep. 7 - The Tea on COVID Consequences

Duration: 22 min

Ep. 6 - The Tea on Zoombombing

Duration: 25 min

Ep. 5 - The Tea on Billionares

Duration: 10 min

Ep. 4 - The Tea on the Gig Economy

Duration: 29 min

Ep. 2 - The Tea on COVID Response

Duration: 23 min

Ep. 1 - The Tea on COVID-19

Duration: 15 min

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