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Ep. 2 - "Blood on the Streets"

Ep. 2 - "Blood on the Streets"

A storm rolls into Waterdeep.After slaying a troll in the Yawning Portal, a famous author makes an offer. Blitz receives a warning and formulates a plan. Zig navigates the law and throws their weight around. Miz’ra shoots her shot, for better or worse. Braden clashes with an old friend and also makes brunch plans.Follow us on Instagram @abandonpodquest.CastMike Allen is Braden Stabbener @mikeatonicJenel Lawson is Blitz Avianosets @bossjellybeanSara Nagel is Zig @snagelartCarleena Manzi is Miz’ra Tistyn @carleenamanziDonny Knowles is the DM @donshotfirstAlbum & Character Art by Jem @maidfetishMusicSultry Big Band Jazz bdProductionsPippin the Hunchback Kevin MacLeodStay the Course Kevin MacLeodCeltic Impulse Kevin MacLeodMoorland Kevin MacLeodThe Bog Standard TabletopAudioTavern Music TabletopAudioWaterkeep TabletopAudioBig Band Broadway Allen GreyNever to Return by VindsveptLicensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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