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Ep. 5 - "The Crown and the Flurry"

Ep. 5 - "The Crown and the Flurry"

The Crown of Midas is gone.The party reels from the theft of Blitz’s family vessel and uncovers the headquarters of one of Waterdeep’s deadly gangs. Blitz has a crisis. Zig wants a fight club. Miz’ra shoots her shot. Braden negotiates aggressively.BONUS! Enjoy a preview of our new limited series, “Volo’s Waterdeep Enchirdion: A Visitor’s Guide to the City of Splendors”, coming soon to this very feed.Follow us on Instagram @abandonpodquest.C A S TMike Allen is Braden Stabbener @mikeatonicJenel Lawson is Blitz Avianosets @bossjellybeanSara Nagel is Zig @snagelartCarleena Manzi is Miz’ra Tistyn @carleenamanziDonny Knowles is the DM @jasonmimosaAlbum & Character IllustrationJem @maidfetish

Duration: 1 hr 1 min

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