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Ep. 6 - "Flay Well, My Lovely"

Ep. 6 - "Flay Well, My Lovely"

Blood runs under Waterdeep.In the thrilling conclusion to our party’s first adventure, our intrepid villains find themselves in the heart of the Xanathar Guild, where a confrontation with an eldritch horror will change them forever. Blitz makes an abnormal friend. Zig finds their magic. Miz’ra gambles with her life. Braden finds a worthy adversary.f e a t u r i n g@bossjellybean as Blitz Avianosets@mikeatonic as Braden Stabbener@snagelart as Zig@carleenamanzi as Miz’ra Tistyna n d@jasonmimosa, your Dungeon MasterAlbum & Character Illustration @maidfetishFollow us on Instagram!@abandonpodquest

Duration: 1 hr 1 min

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