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AdMat Minute | August 26, 2019

AdMat Minute | August 26, 2019

The U.S. Department of Labor has issued a proposed rule to expand the existing religious exemption to federal contractors, including both for-profits and nonprofits. Government contractors are currently prohibited from discriminating against potential employees based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Many nonprofits think this expansion would allow discrimination against certain groups. Some states are looking at budget surpluses because of the 2017 federal tax law. Others still need to approve a budget for the year. And the Illinois Governor enacted a bill to decouple a tax on nonprofit transportation benefits from federal law, saving nonprofits from an unfair, illogical state tax that was automatically triggered. Now is your chance to become a National Voter Registration Day partner with Nonprofit Vote. National Voter Registration Day is on September 24. Sign up now and also catch their Voter Engagement Crash Course. And, finally, defense is the best offense. In sports and in nonprofit advocacy. Learn why it’s so important in Advocacy in Action and learn more in today’s Nonprofit Advocacy Matters.

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