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AdMat Minute | July 15, 2019

AdMat Minute | July 15, 2019

The Citizenship Question battle is over. We are thrilled to report the question will not be included on the census form. Nonprofits must now turn to ensuring a fair, accurate, and complete count. Everyone counts, so everyone must be counted. Seven states began the new fiscal year without full budgets. Governors have not been shy to veto budget bills or use line-item veto power to cut programs affecting nonprofits. Alaska is facing a crisis with the Legislature failing to override $440 million in line-item cuts including education, arts, Medicare, scholarship, and transportation programs. Laurie Wolf of The Foraker Group wrote an article all nonprofits facing budget issues should read called: Have Courage. We have put out a 5-minute survey asking nonprofits about budget constraints caused by the tax on nonprofit transportation benefits. Please let us know how the tax affected your mission. And as employers, nonprofits should bring dignity and justice to the workplace. Decent Work is a campaign on how to do so, and even how to sprinkle in some magic with nonprofit unicorns.

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