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AdMat Minute | July 29, 2019

AdMat Minute | July 29, 2019

Congress and the Administration have agreed on a bipartisan budget to get us through the next two years. The bad news is it’s increasing the federal deficit, while providing no nonprofit tax relief. The good news is a government shutdown is unlikely and sequestration is seemingly repealed, reducing strain on non-defense spending. Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York filed a lawsuit against the Treasury and IRS for their regs limiting state tax credits. And a pension crisis in Kentucky is sounding the alarm for nonprofits that sign up for state public retirement and health plans. A new survey put out by Race to Lead is asking nonprofits to answer questions on how people’s identities impact their experiences and perspectives. And it’s August. Time to meet with your elected officials at home! It’s a great opportunity to invite them to come visit your operations and hear about the issues that are affecting your organizations – like the tax on nonprofit transportation benefits, the nonprofit relief act, or a universal charitable deduction. We invite you to watch our Meeting with Policymakers: Back Home Edition and learn more in today’s Nonprofit Advocacy Matters.

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