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AdMat Minute | October 7, 2019

AdMat Minute | October 7, 2019

The Labor Department issued its final overtime rule, increasing the salary threshold for overtime pay and the threshold for highly compensated workers. Please join us for the Nonprofit Overtime Webinar on November 5 to learn more. State legislatures also prioritized employment law this year with adjustments on everything from noncompete agreements to healthcare to discrimination and sexual harassment protections. The Supreme Court is back in session today – October 7th. Abortion, environmental protection, gun safety, immigration, discrimination, and employment protections are all on the docket. Federal judges in New York and New Jersey have struck down state mandates on donor disclosures. By doing so, they protected the constitutional rights of nonprofit speech and assembly. Their decisions affect nonprofit rights in other states as well. If this isn’t enough to prove how proposals at all levels of government affect nonprofits, then check out today’s Advocacy in Action article. And then learn more in the full Nonprofit Advocacy Matters.

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