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Emerging Illicit Industries in the Wake of COVID-19

Emerging Illicit Industries in the Wake of COVID-19

This episode examines how bans and increased regulation in above ground industries under the stated intent of “stopping the spread of COVID-19” have led to new forms of illicit trade in Eastern and Southern Africa. In Somalia donations of personal and ventilators have been misappropriated for profit and a ban on Khat threatens to destabilize the lives of growers and sellers in Kenya. In South Africa a ban on tobacco is exposing the tobacco industries participation in the black market.  Presenter: Lindy Mtongana Guests Abdulaziz Billow Ali ( - Journalist/TV Correspondent CGTN Africa Telita Snyckers ( - Illicit Trade Expert, former tax lawyer for the South African Revenue Services (SARS) Dalle Abraham ( - Dalle Abraham is a writer based in Marsabit, Kenya. Jay Bahadur ( - Journalist and author Documents Risk Bulletin #9 ( Global Initiative Producer: Alexandria Sahai Williams

Duration: 33 min

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