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Derek fukuhara

Derek fukuhara

In this episode of The Shetler Show, Anthony Shetler and Derek Fukuhara kick off the very first Skype interview for the podcast. They begin by following up on what’s going on in day to day life for Derek. Derek Fukuhara goes into Cali life and the conversation shifts to reasons why California/ Hollywood is good for skateboarding. Derek feels that all of the recognition that skateboarding is getting these days is great for skateboarders. “It’s giving the homies a chance to make some quick cash” Derek Fukuhara. They discuss their own experiences with the entertainment industry, including a Google commercial with Patrick Melcher. Anthony Shetler was just in California with All I Need for the #AINcaliTrippin tour, and they recall a few memories from the trip. Anthony talks about chilling at night in the hot tub and jumping in a cold pool after a long day of skating, reflecting on the trip in CA. They even discuss videos released of skateboarding during the 13 day tour. After they discuss Hollywood, rooming with skaters, float tanks, Agenda, filming in California, they go into their own pet’s that they have. Derek talks about the alley cat’s, a trip to Portugal with Louie Barletta and how they share a goal to put their feet in all the oceans of the world. Derek Fukuhara speaks about his dad being a food stylist and growing up around photography and video. His dad works for some big names in the industry. Derek Fukuhara goes into all the different cameras and tools used back in the day. Derek delves into taking trips that he got to shoot with his homies, traveling the world and when he realized how good he was with camera. Derek talks about his love for shooting, and striving to improve on his craft. Derek also tells us more about starting The Caffeinated Kitchen. Filmbot Grip will be partnering up to start a new distribution endeavor called VHS distribution with Death Lens and Studio Skateboards. They discuss Anthony Shetler's new interview in Jenkem. Anthony goes over his list of upcoming guests for the podcast now that he has Skype! Stay tuned for more interviews without geographic limitations, on the latest episodes of The Shetler Show. Host: Anthony Shetler Guest: Derek Fukuhara - Sponsors: Solstice - All I Need - Guest Wish List: Corey Duffel - Jimmy Carlin - Louie Barletta - Ryan Gallant - Chris Noracko Patrick Odell - #AINcaliTrippin Shoutouts: Brian Sumner - Patrick Melcher Apple - Google Sony - Cherry park - Brother Ali - Joe Rogan - Bill Burr - The Caffeinated Kitchen - / @j_e_n Royal Cup coffee - Rose Park Roasters - Portfolios Cafe - Filmbotgrip - Russ Milligan - Mikendo / James from Filmbot Jai Bell Wade Feiff

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