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Entrepreneur Alli Webb’s Secrets To Building A Beauty Empire!

Entrepreneur Alli Webb’s Secrets To Building A Beauty Empire!

Coach Mike Bayer sits down with entrepreneur Alli Webb to discuss her inspiration to create what is now her multi-million-dollar empire, Drybar, her latest business, Squeeze massage, and her journey to attaining astonishing success. Over the last 15 years, Alli went from a door-to-door hair saleswoman to a New York Times Best-Selling author of The Drybar Guide to Good Hair, Cosmo’s 2013 Power List, Fortune Magazine’s “40 Under 40” list and is recognized as one of the top businesswomen in the world. But with enormous success comes big challenges. Alli grew up living in her brother’s shadow, didn’t attend college and felt aimless for years. While no one expected much of her, being labeled the “under achiever” of her family, she struggled to prove everyone wrong. Through a combination of resilience, fierce determination and unwavering hard work, the fruits of Alli’s labor paid off with 150 Drybar shops across the country. In this no holds barred interview, you’ll get a rare glimpse inside the self-sacrifice and perseverance it takes to achieve greatness. Alli Webb is a super cool human. Her story is so inspiring – wouldn’t it be cool if we could all make millions of dollars from our own worst enemy? She did– meet Alli’s frizzy hair. She’s raw, honest and not afraid to let you in. With Alli – there are no secrets. If you want to learn a little something about being an entrepreneur – I think you’ll really love today’s podcast. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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