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Exclusive – Frank Tassone’s reaction to HBO’s new film Bad Education

Exclusive – Frank Tassone’s reaction to HBO’s new film Bad Education

We all have something in our past we aren’t proud of– something we’d like to scrub from our history. Today, I teach forgiveness, because we all deserve a second chance. In this week’s podcast, I have the unique opportunity to speak with former school superintendent Frank Tassone about HBO’s new film “Bad Education.” The film, which aired on April 25, starring Hugh Jackman and Allison Janney, depicts a dark period in Frank’s life in which he admittedly embezzled over two million dollars from the Roslyn school district on Long Island. Frank has not spoken with any other media outlet because, from prior experience, his words have been twisted, taken out of context or edited to fit someone else’s narrative. In this interview, we allow Frank the freedom, with no strings attached, to comfortably voice his reaction to the film and even, set the record straight. I invite you to my second interview with Frank. At the end of this episode, I extend a special invitation to him to appear on my global Zoom empowerment group to help him heal and offer rare advice and insights to others. I hope you enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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