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Kathy Ireland: Her Uphill Battle From Super Model To Super Mogul

Kathy Ireland: Her Uphill Battle From Super Model To Super Mogul

Coach Mike Bayer sits down with Kathy Ireland, famously known for her successful career as a super model, gracing the pages of 13 consecutive Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues, including three covers. But it was what came next, after she left that industry, that ultimately defined her life. With the help of several mentors, including the legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor and business tycoon Warren Buffett, she launched the Kathy Ireland Worldwide brand, that developed into a multitude of licensing businesses worth more than $2.6 billion. Kathy also became a best-selling author, public speaker and a fitness guru. In this episode, she and Coach Mike talk about the secrets of her success: “teach, Inspire, empower and make the world better,” ensuring all her business partners sign a human rights contract and making sure work and family is balanced out with a healthy dose of philanthropic endeavors. This podcast is filled with valuable life lessons, from learning the greatest lessons from rejection, surrounding yourself with compassionate people and never, ever believe your own press. Twitter/Instagram: @coachmikeshow Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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