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04-09: This Month in Birding - April 2020

04-09: This Month in Birding - April 2020

The American Birding Podcast brings you the first installation of This Month in Birding, a panel discussion covering the best bird news we might have missed here at the ABP for the last month.  In this episode, host Nate Swick is joined by #birdtwitter stars Nick Lund (@TheBirdist), Jordan Rutter (@JERutter) and Jason Ward (@JasonWardNY) to talk about COVID closures, celebrities in birding, predatory journals, and more.  Links to topics discussed: Stevie Nicks and White-winged Doves? Dan Baldasarre wonders "What's the Deal with Birds?" Breeding Bird Survey Canceled for 2020 The World's Ugliest Birds

Duration: 43 min

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