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Ep. 158: Erin Block on Hunting for Food

Ep. 158: Erin Block on Hunting for Food

Erin Block works as a librarian and freelance writer. She is the author of countless articles and 2 books including, The View from Coal Creek and By a Thread. But of course, Erin is more than that, she is an angler, hunter, and forager. In this episode, we dive into Erin’s life and she reveals how she got into fly fishing and hunting for food and why she has chosen to step away from fly fishing. You’ll also want to hear about her views on feminism and fishing so make sure to listen to the end of this episode of Anchored.  Outline of this episode [3:15] Erin grew up on a hobby farm [12:44] Erin is closer to the food she eats than most [18:55] She ended up at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music [26:49] Marriage ended up being different than she thought [31:12] She took up hiking as a way to get away and think [37:15] She met her husband through his blog [48:06] She doesn’t want to be treated differently because she’s a woman [59:01] Why she has taken a step back from fishing Check out our sponsor Olukai

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