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Animal Rescue of the Week: Episode 55 – Westie Rescue USA

Animal Rescue of the Week: Episode 55 – Westie Rescue USA

Westie Rescue has been in existence for going on 26 years and has helped over 1,200 Westie find just the right home where they get a second chance at a great new life with open arms to hold them and a warm bed to sleep in. Who is Westie Rescue MidAtlantic? Westie Rescue USA/Westie Rescue MidAtlantic is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit organization incorporated in the Common-wealth of Virginia. The organization is dedicated to assisting West Highland White Terriers needing rescue from neglect or abuse or assistance in finding new homes. We primarily cover the Greater Washington DC area, including Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and the District of Columbia, parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. They also support or participate in rescue efforts elsewhere in the United States. Our volunteers have been involved in rescue over 30 years and, during that time, have taken in and placed over 1,100 Westies. Westie Rescue MidAtlantic operates totally on donations from the public, which go to pay the expenses [including medical care] of the dogs and few administrative costs of finding potential adoptive homes and record keeping. There is no full-time staff. Volunteers receive no compensation except for receipts of out of pocket expenses directly related to rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of Westies in the program. Each year, they place 40-60 Westies. Some are in excellent health; some are far from it. Although most are around 5 years old, the ages of the dogs range from 8 weeks to 12 years. Westie Rescue is a complex business because there are many steps in transferring a dog from a bad situation to loving care that will last a lifetime. Westie Rescue MidAtlantic helps homeless Westies through Pickup and Transportation Medical Care and Rehabilitation Temporary Fostering Placement and Adoption Public Awareness Participation in national rescue efforts Westie Rescue MidAtlantic’s rescue program includes fostering of each dog in a volunteer’s home and providing it with veterinary care including neutering or spaying and rehabilitation as well as caring interaction with humans. When the Westie is ready for adoption, rescue volunteers interview adoption candidates to determine which home will be best for that particular dog. They are in the business of making a dog’s dream come true rather than fulfilling human desires. Their adoption success rate has been 98% year over year in finding the right match the first time. Through annual events they stay close to our adopted Westies and their families, providing post-adoption assistance and advice to adoptive homes. At Westie Rescue MidAtlantic, they motto is “Truly, second hand dogs do make first rate pets!”

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