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4: Creating Safe Places

4: Creating Safe Places

This episode explores the concept of creating safe places. These can range from public places such as coffee shops and restaurants, to people in our daily lives and those individuals with whom distance separates us. And especially now considering current events—creating a safe place in our homes. Introduction Stay Safe Out There (COVID-19) Podcast Schedule Update Weekly Instead of Biweekly Finding Peace in the Everyday The Picturesque Countryside → A Favorite Restaurant Returning to a Favorite Restaurant Safe Places Do We Have Unrealistic Expectations? Retreating to Cozy Spots Ideas for Safe Places Outside the Home Ideas for Safe Places Around the Home Flowers Blankets Twinkle Lights Essential Oils Ideas for Restlessness Creating the "Coffeeshop" Feel in Your Own Home Finding Safe Places in Other People Getting to Know Other People Reaching Out to Those Who Are Lonely Conclusion Reflection Questions Follow me on Instagram Check out my website

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