Ken Raabe

Episode #11 Electric Edward

Episode #11 Electric Edward

Hurry, hurry hurry! Step right up,step right up! Who'll be next? Only costs a nickle! So hurry, hurry, hurry! He's unbelievable! He's amazing! He's elec-trifying! He's Electric Edward! Here he is, folks . . . your opportunity to experience, first hand, the wonder of the new Age of Electricity! Yes! That ethereal fluid that flows through the earth like a great dragon! Step right up, folks, and grasp the lightning from the sky . . . if you dare try! Feel that primeval power for yourselves! Produced for you upon this stage by means of a harmonious blending of beauty and efficiency. . . a gracefully woven sphere of gleaming copper wire which we set to spin inside a perfectly circular ring of magnets! Touch the lightning from the sky! If you dare try! Step up,step up and take him by ythe hand. . . if you can! Who'll be next? Who'll be next? Only costs a nickle! These elemental bolts will make your hair stand on end! your eyes will bug out, your body will tremble violently all over! It's wonderful!! So . . . who'll be next? Hi, there, young man! Only costs a nickle! Thanks, son! Now . . . all you have to do is . . .step up to Edward here . . walk up to him, that's right! Now, grasp him firmly by the hand and say, “Hello, Edward!” while I pull this switch! Ready? Here we go! (SFX Voice: “Hello, Edwa . . .” cut off by a loud crackling burst of humming electricity) There were a few seconds of electrical humming and crackling, an eerie blue light of jumping sparks, and the strong tang of ozone.

Duration: 15 min

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