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Episode # 6 Dream Management ~ Gourmet Shortcuts

Episode # 6 Dream Management  ~ Gourmet Shortcuts

Host: Tell us a bit about the course in Dream Management you took last year. It seems to have made a big difference in your life. Mr. Zeeze: Yes, indeed! Though they don't call it Dream Management. It's "Lucid Dreaming." And that's pretty much just what it is. You know that you're dreaming while you dream and you eventually learn how to control everything that happens to you in the dream. Host: You learned how to control what happens to you in your dreams? Mr. Zeeze:Yeah! And the course wasn't all that hard, either. I kept a dream journal, though I've fallen out of the habit of making entries. But while I was taking the course, I never missed a day. It works! After a while, you learn how to take control of what happens in your dreams while you’re dreaming 'em. You can change how things turn out. The train disappears, the linoleum corridor turns into a garden of delights, the math test is cancelled. You dream your way out of any jams you get into. And eventually, anything you want. . . that you can dream of. . . you can have. (Beat) Host: That's a pretty remarkable claim! And maybe just a little . . . Mr. Zeeze: Yeah, I know it sounds crazy. I think so, too. It is crazy, I can’t argue with that. But, after awhile, I’m telling you, I couldn’t wait fall asleep. And it isn’t just the sex. No, I honestly used to look forward to whatever darned thing happened to me next. This, for example, I’m really enjoying!

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