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Episode #7 Candida Invasion ~ The Ghost Of Abbie Hoffman

Episode #7  Candida Invasion ~ The Ghost Of Abbie Hoffman

Bob Kartoffelkopf: Hi! We're back! With another heaping helping of everybody's favorite AM viewing habit . . . 'Morning Overload' This morning we're going to take a few more shots at that age-old question has earth been invaded from outer space? Well, let's just take a look at the facts . . . Yes, it has! And we are very pleased to have with us here today, in a microscope, magnified hundreds of times . . here he is . . . the diplomatic spearhead of an enormous invading colony of billions of intelligent yeast micro organisms from outer space! . . . Ambassador Candido! Ambassador?` Ambassador: Thank you, Bob! Bob: You are from outer space? Ambassador: Yes, that's correct! Bob: And you're invading the planet earth? Ambassador: Yes, that's right! Bob: Well, you're certainly being very upfront about it! Ambassador: Thank you! Bob: Tell me, Mr. Ambassador . . . Is it true that you kidnapped a human being?

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