Joe Tarpey, Paul Butland & Bob Craddock



We're back!!! You've missed us, right? Every day you've been checking you're iTunes, longing for a new episode of "Avoiding The Issue" to be available to download. Every day the disappointment increases. The feeling of desperation grows by the hour. At times you wonder whether it's even worth carrying on. "Maybe if they can't be bothered to just get together and chat shit for half an hour, I can't be bothered to go on living" you say to yourself, eyeing up the jumbo box of Wilko's value painkillers. STOP!!!! DON"T DO IT!!! The wait is over!!! No longer will you have to be disappointed by the lack of new episodes of everyone's third favourite podcast. I can hear what you're saying. "I'm really glad they're back but is this the best they could come up with? They could have at least spent a bit of time while they weren't podcasting coming up with some new ideas or at least something of interest to talk about. This is just a pretty poor version something from the last series.....Fuck this. Where are those pills??"

Duration: 37 min

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