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Humanity's Team Podcast with Steve Farrell

Welcome to the “Humanity's Team Podcast with Steve Farrell.

Welcome to the “Humanity's Team Podcast with Steve Farrell." In each episode, we'll bring you important content around the timeless truth of Oneness—shared over millennia by spiritual mystical traditions and affirmed by modern science—an essential truth to embrace as we continue responding to the world's most chronic and acute challenges. This message of Oneness is a spiritual truth about each and every one of us, and all of life, that's vital for creating a sustainable world of unity, peace and harmony. It's our sincere hope that these podcasts will ignite the true light within each individual—the inner light that knows only connection and love, moving the Humanity's Team mission of Oneness forward so that we may all be of increasing benefit to humanity and to the Earth itself.

Episodes: 28

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