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Episode 13: Louis Lo Praeste- Learning the way back to who you are

Episode 13: Louis Lo Praeste- Learning the way back to who you are

Louis D. Lo Praeste is an author, former corporate strategist, and Chief of Staff. Currently he mentors and supports leaders in high-stress, complex business and serves as a special advisor to a national blockchain/food security working group. His primary areas of advisement are Energy, Finance, Security Intelligence, Management, and Global Economics. His book has been as a refreshing perspective, covering a wide spectrum of political, social and personal topics, looking at what has become broken and how we can respond. Quitting a life that involved Silicon Valley and Corporate America he now lives in New England and is creating the life he wants. Today He is consulting and in the planning stages for a healing centre for the study of contemplative practice, horsemanship, yoga, and slow food cooking, on 100 pristine acres of woodland, and working on his 3rd, and 4th books. https://www.linkedin.com/in/louisdlopraeste/ "Living a meaningful life amid the chaos has much to do with how we frame the mysteries we encounter, and how open our hearts and minds are to subtlety and nuance, and if we have the guts to speak our truth'. from his Book Vage Apocalyptica which can be purchased at: http://amzn.to/2rgPHLn

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