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Bats and Trees with Jim Mullholland

Bats and Trees with Jim Mullholland

Despite a number of our bats using trees as roost sites, we know surprisingly little about how bats use trees. In this episode Steve sits down with veteran tree expert Jim Mullholland from the Arboricultural Association and discusses what we still don't know about the ecology of bats and trees. Jim also touches on a project he's been working on recently using trail cameras as a surveillance technique to help understand this subject.Jim has a YouTube channel with a number of videos of bats inside tree roosts. You can view that channel here: To discover more of the bat groups around the UK, head to the bat group pages on the Bat Conservation Trust website: Their Facebook page is here: the conversation on social media using #BatChat:Facebook: more bat news, head to our website Steve Roe @SteveRoeBatManCover Art: Rachel Hudson the show (

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