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James Shipman

James Shipman

James has been involved in bat conservation since 2010 and has been involved in a variety of projects in that time including setting up Gib-Bats (the Gibraltar Bats Project) in 2013. In 2016 he was awarded the Bat Conservation Trust's Pete Guest Award for making an outstanding practical contribution to bat conservation. In this episode Steve joins James at a bat box check event just outside of Greenham Common in Newbury Berkshire before driving over to Bath to undertake some evening bat work! Take a look at the Gib-Bats website: find YOUR local bat group: sure you're subscribed so you never miss an episode and let us know if you enjoyed the episode on social media using #BatChat: Facebook: more bat news, head to our website Steve Roe @SteveRoeBatManCover Art: Rachel Hudson the show (

Duration: 13 min

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