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216: Jeffrey Epstein Netflix Recap w Diana Espir

216: Jeffrey Epstein Netflix Recap w Diana Espir

Diana Espir is back to discuss all things, super creep, Jeffery Epstein and the new Netflix series about him and his alleged cohorts Ghislane Maxwell, Prince Andrew, and more and how they got away with abusing young girls and we discuss the amazing survivors! Take a break with cute characters and a fun puzzle game and play Best Fiends! Download Best Fiends FREE on the Apple App Store or Google Play! Listen to Cats and Dogs! A podcast about sex, dating, relationships, living in nyc all from the perspective of a black woman and man who have been friends for years! "We live in a world where everyone is scared to be their authentic self, but if you dare to be, what more do have to worry about?"  Dare  To Be Yer'self is a motivational/inspirational brand that champions individualism and encourages everyone to live as their most authentic self and they also give back!  Support them at

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