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217: A Beautiful Story You'll Never Forget & More w Bridgett Davis

217: A Beautiful Story You'll Never Forget & More w Bridgett Davis

Bridgett Davis grew up in Detroit in the 60s in a house that can only be described as magical.  Her mother ran the numbers, and underground lottery system, who allowed her to provide her family more than most jobs were paying African Americans at the time.  But her mother Fannie Davis, did more than just provide material things, she provided a strength and instilled a confidence in her children that showed them that no one is better than them, and they do not have to apologize for being themselves, having nice things, or her numbers.  Follow Bridgett on instagram @bridgett_d and get her book "The World According To Fannie Davis: My Mother's Life In The Detroit Numbers." Support black-owned businesses and a few of my favorites are feature on the podcast today: THE INDIGO TRIBE A small custom dye studio and design business that makes pretty, sustainable, and gift-able items and uses uses natural and low-toxic dyes, organic ingredients, and even hand-picked lavender in my eye pillows and sleep masks. Use  code BEHERE10 for 10% off any size order and shipping is free over $35!! @theindigotribe Gilded Grotto Cara, the founder of Gilded Grotto, has always had a love for crystals, nature, and all things mystical. She also happens to love everything gold and gaudy. All of her pieces are handmade with gold-filled wire, gold chain, and quality handpicked crystals. This is a line for specially made for those who want to get their chakras right but still want to be flashy. Each crystal used has been cleansed and charged with love and good intentions. JOL The Artist  An impact driven fine art and home decor brand that allows you to purchase one of a kind pieces for your home.  Using resin, fire glass, genuine crystals, and glass beads, JOL specializes in high quality and new items are added regularly. For every order received, 10% of your sale will be donated to a rotating list of charities. Using the code 'Rachael' will get you 10% off of any custom or canvas order.

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