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S2 E7 | Crafting a Growth Mindset with Avani Miriyala

S2 E7 | Crafting a Growth Mindset with Avani Miriyala

What are those limiting beliefs you keep telling yourself? “I’m not good at [blank].” “[Blank] is hard for me.” What if you could turn that around? What would your life look like? Well, we’re super excited to announce today’s episode because our guest Avani is a master of releasing freelancers from their limiting beliefs! In this episode, we go all in on what it takes to be a successful freelancer, a fixed vs. growth mindset, and how you can implement small practices today to become the person of your dreams!Avani's Breakthrough Sessions: Mentioned:Avani's Podcast Episode on Mindset: meditation app: https://www.calm.comHeadspace meditation app: pages overview: Programming overview: in Touch!Email us at inbox@betterbranddesigner.comInstagram: @betterpodcastFacebook Group:

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