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From Addiction to Ambition & Pain to Purpose!

From Addiction to Ambition & Pain to Purpose!

Ep. 26 – Tracy Stanton’s story is one of triumph and perseverance. It serves as a reminder of the importance of knowing someone’s struggle before passing judgement on them. Far too often, we’re quick to look down on or have a negative view of someone because they’re an alcoholic or a crack addict. The reality is, we don’t know what they endured that caused them to turn to drinking or using drugs. Tracy explains how her journey through crack addiction, prostitution and ending up in prison actually helped her become the successful person we see today.  She shares how nonprofits and other organizations helped her heal from pains of the past.  Now that she’s mentally, spiritually and emotionally strong, Tracy aims to inspire and empower people to reach their highest potential through her lived experience. She made a drastic transition from substance use to SLU student, program facilitator with the Institute for Peace and Justice, presenter with the Clark-Fox Family Foundation, and a 2019 Center for Women in Transition Award winner and Board Member. She’s also a spoken-word poet, activist, and all-around amazing woman! She says her duty and purpose is to aid and assist others in their transition from Addiction to Ambition.  Tracy’s Facebook Page - Tracy’s Spoken-Word/Poet YouTube Channel - Center for Women In Transition - The Bail Project - St. Louis Empowerment Center - The Institute For Peace and Justice - Ad – Storytellers Academy - Storytellers Academy Facebook Page -

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