It’s More Than A Concert with Musician Yo-Yo Ma

It’s More Than A Concert with Musician Yo-Yo Ma

Welcome to the 10th (and final!) episode of our Dreamforce mini-series! Joining us today is world-famous musician and true trailblazer Yo-Yo Ma. Yo-Yo speaks with award-winning journalist and entrepreneur Soledad O'Brien about why he thinks music and culture are essential for building a better future. Yo-Yo also shares inspiring moments he has experienced touring around the world and how he strives to foster connections with people through his music. This special ten-part series based on conversations at Dreamforce 2019 is presented by WordPress VIP. With unparalleled power and flexibility, WordPress VIP is the leading provider of enterprise WordPress and powers digital customer experiences for companies like Facebook, Spotify, Capgemini, and more. In these ten episodes, you will hear from their CEO Nick Gernert on how he and his company view the future of work, digital transformation, and more. To find out more, visit

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