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E6.1_All About Arabic_Dr. Marijn van Putten

E6.1_All About Arabic_Dr. Marijn van Putten

Join me as I discuss the history of Arabic with Dr. Marijn van Putten of Leiden University. Dr. van Putten describes to me the field of historical linguistics and discusses topics such as Proto-Semitic, loan words, how Arabic was spoken in pre-modern times, the difference between Qur'anic and Classical Arabic, pronunciation variations, and more! This is a link to Dr. van Putten's publications page, which includes his very important work on the Uthmanic archetype ("The Grace of God" as evidence for a written Uthmanic archetype: the importance of shared orthographic idiosyncrasies"): Follow him on twitter @PhDniX for insightful threads on a variety of subjects.

Duration: 1 hr 35 min

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