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BS 172 "The Brain from the Inside Out" with György Buzsáki

BS 172 "The Brain from the Inside Out" with György Buzsáki

In this episode I talk with neuroscientist György Buzsáki about his new book The Brain from Inside Out. We explore how abandoning what he calls the "Outside In" approach to understanding the brain can lead to surprising new insights.   Links and References: Buzsaki's Lab The Brain from Inside Out by György Buzsáki MD PhD Rhythms of the Brain by György Buzsáki (BSP 31) Please visit for additional references and episode transcripts. Please Visit Our Sponsors: The Great Courses Plus: TextExpander: Announcements: Please mark your calendar for June 16, 2020 to buy the second edition of Are You Sure? The Unconscious Origins of Certainty by Virginia "Ginger Campbell, MD. Everyone who buys the book in June is eligible for a live webinar later this summer. Learn how you can support Brain Science at Sign up for the free Brain Science Newsletter to get show notes automatically every month. Don't forget to confirm your subscription! Check out the free Brain Science Mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows. (It's a great way to get both new episodes and premium content.) BSP 31 with Dr. Buzsaki is available FREE as an extra for this episode. Send email to or post voice feedback at Connect on Social Media: Twitter: @docartemis Facebook page: Contact Dr. Campbell: Email: Voicemail:

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