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Simple Financial Tips From A Kindergarten Teacher

Simple Financial Tips From A Kindergarten Teacher

Danny Kofke recently got back into the classroom after stepping out in 2014 to help teachers win with their money.  He worked for a company that oversees the supplemental retirement plan for school districts across the southeast.  He presented to thousands of educators to help them manage their money better. Danny’s love of teaching and personal finance has led him to write four books.  His everyday approach to handling money has led to appearances on numerous television shows including Fox & Friends, The CBS Early Show, CNN’s Newsroom, The 700 Club and The Clark Howard Show.  He has also been interviewed on over 600 radio shows and featured in a number of publications including USA Today, The Wall Street Journal,, Money Magazine, Consumer Reports, Reader's Digest and The Huffington Post. Danny's wife, Tracy, was a first grade teacher before becoming a stay-at-home to their two daughters - Ava and Ella.  She recently returned to the classroom.  Despite living on Danny's $42,000 yearly teaching salary for eight years, the Kofke's are on track to pay off their final debt - the mortgage - this year, have a one year emergency fund in place, will retire with a sizable nest and, most importantly, live wealthy lives on less. Danny wants to show others if this school teacher can do well financially, they can too!?

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