Ashleigh Blatt, the Connector of Connectors!

Ashleigh Blatt, the Connector of Connectors!

Welcome to the Business + Bliss Podcast. Hit SUBSCRIBE today to get updates for new episodes! When Ashleigh Blatt caught the eye of our producer on Linked In, we immediately sought out an opportunity to interview this dynamic, no apologies, make-it-happen entrepreneur! Stay tuned for an incredible interview.  Ashleigh is an advisor to more than 15 companies and a partner in Classic Connection, a company that works with entrepreneurs to create key connections in the form of partnership and in-house lead generation revenue generating system.  She's also a partner in Market Missile, a new kind of ads agency guaranteeing a minimum 3x ROI on ad spend and a founding member and serving on the advisory board of the Arete Syndicate. Ashleigh can be reached through her website: or on social media (Facebook, Linked In) You can watch the video version of this podcast on youtube on our   podcast video playlist at To connect with Lisa K, text the word “BLISS” to (619) 373-8461. To connect with Jen, text the word “CONNECT” to (619) 373-8461. Ever   see women in business who look like they have it all together? They’re poised, calm under pressure,   execute with the best of them, energizing, well respected and can strike up a   fascinating conversation with literally ANYONE!? How did they get there? Our guest line up is choked full of women   who are sharing their wisdom and intentional strategies on how to excel in   the business world, overcoming common obstacles to success, while maintaining   a rich personal life that does not include selling your soul to your   job. So HOW have they done it? Spoiler   alert!!! These women have overcome personal and professional challenges   through incredibly heroic spiritual journeys, in which they’ve battled   depression, heartache, divorce, loss, rejection and a slew of other   challenges - but they were determined to conquer the demons and to allow   peace, love, joy, happiness and self-acceptance to WIN above all! Join us, as we capture brilliant professional   strategy and riveting personal journeys that guarantee lots of life lessons,   learnings and tips on ROCKING YOUR BUSINESS and FINDING YOUR BLISS! #businessandbliss

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