Interview with Pure Ratios co-founder, Chad Conner

Interview with Pure Ratios co-founder, Chad Conner

Welcome   to the Business + Bliss Podcast. Hit   SUBSCRIBE today to get updates for new episodes! Today our guest is Chad Conner, Co-Founder of Pure Ratios. Pure  Ratios was founded by 2 natural health practitioners with over   45 years of combined hands-on experience, Pure Ratios’ origins are rooted in   natural medicine. They take an herbalist’s approach to be able to empower   balance in the body through a combination of 5,000 years of plant medicine   and the latest scientific research & design. The cannabis plant is so genetically diverse, ancient herbalists were often   unable to standardize prescriptions for reproducible results. But with years   of investing in our own research in advanced drug delivery science, they’ve   made the medicinal properties of the plant infinitely more bioavailable. They   do this through highly accurate dosages that act for longer and more evenly   sustained times. Today Pure Ratios is able to combine modern   science, research, and laboratory testing with ancient knowledge to develop   safe and therapeutic products. For the founders working with patients   one-on-one and seeing their health improve is immensely satisfying, but being   able to touch so many more with just a single product has proved even more   powerful. The founders know that the modern science of cannabis has only   scratched the surface of this incredibly potent plant. This is great news   because for us it is all about open-ended and ongoing investigation. That’s   the commitment of their work. This is Pure Ratios. Learn   more about Pure Ratios, their story and products at their website: You   can watch the video version of this podcast on youtube on our podcast video   playlist at To   connect with Lisa K, text the word “BLISS” to (619) 373-8461. To   connect with Jen, text the word “CONNECT” to (619) 373-8461. Ever   see women in business who look like they have it all together? They’re poised, calm under pressure,   execute with the best of them, energizing, well respected and can strike up a   fascinating conversation with literally ANYONE!? How did they get there? Our guest line up is choked full of women   who are sharing their wisdom and intentional strategies on how to excel in   the business world, overcoming common obstacles to success, while maintaining   a rich personal life that does not include selling your soul to your   job. So HOW have they done it? Spoiler   alert!!! These women have overcome personal and professional challenges   through incredibly heroic spiritual journeys, in which they’ve battled   depression, heartache, divorce, loss, rejection and a slew of other   challenges - but they were determined to conquer the demons and to allow   peace, love, joy, happiness and self-acceptance to WIN above all! Join us, as we capture brilliant professional   strategy and riveting personal journeys that guarantee lots of life lessons,   learnings and tips on ROCKING YOUR BUSINESS and FINDING YOUR BLISS! #businessandbliss

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