A Haunted Air Audio Drama

Monster's Game

Monster's Game

A young man battling schizophrenic demons from his past, hears a sinister new voice in his earbuds with murderous intentions. Will a blossoming romance with a mysterious neighbor be his salvation or lead down a darker path? Warning: Contains explicit language and frightening situations not suitable for younger audiences. Written by John Ballentine Directed by Steve Schneider Cast Bobby Gaglini Sarah Caitlin Taylor Dexter Herron Tanja Milojevic Edward Champion Matthew Boudreau Sarah Golding Fiona Thraille Original Music Score by Kevin Hartnell Sound Design by Travis Vengroff Overlook Hotel Records 11th Hour Audio Productions The White Vault True Crime Garage Already Gone Podcast Running Time 34:33 Follow us on Facebook @CampfireRadioTheater and Twitter @CampfireRadio

Duration: 35 min

Release Date:

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