A Haunted Air Audio Drama



Investigating the disappearance of a colleague, BBC journalist Albert Titus lands the scoop of a lifetime in the Scottish coastal village of Redmayne as he unravels a terrifying mystery perhaps tied to a sinister cannibal clan of legend. Warning: Contains explicit language and frightening situations not suitable for younger audiences. Written, directed and produced by John Ballentine Co-Produced by Kevin Hartnell Cast David Ault Robert Cudmore Matthew McLean Rachel Craig Caitlin Sneddon Jim Balfour Will Snyder Music by Kevin Hartnell Overlook Hotel Records A Scottish Podcast Evil Kitten Productions David Ault, Voiceover Artist Follow us on Facebook @CampfireRadioTheater and Twitter @CampfireRadio Running Time 32:32

Duration: 33 min

Release Date:

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