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Can He Do That?: How to Flip the House

This special week-long miniseries from the

This special week-long miniseries from the "Can He Do That?" podcast explores wave elections that changed control of the House of Representatives -- something that's only happened three times in the past 60 years. Host Martine Powers looks at why they happened, how they changed our political system, and most importantly, what they tell us about what to expect in November, telling each story through the eyes of the people who were there.

Episodes: 5


Epilogue: The takeaways for 2018

Duration: 39 min

The secret heist of 2010

Duration: 1 hr 0 min

The 2006 blue wave

Duration: 55 min

The 1994 Republican revolution

Duration: 57 min

Prologue: Why midterms matter

Duration: 8 min

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