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My MGTOW Journey and Quest to be a Better Man

My MGTOW Journey and Quest to be a Better Man

I am a MGTOW because I know I have no other choices. Sandman's videos make me realize that I am a MGTOW. For many years I have been dealing with the consequences from my childhood abuses. I want this channel to be a document of my quest to become a superior man. I am walking this path knowing that life is just random and meaningless. Even though life is ultimately meaningless, we can still make it fun while we are living. This is what this project is about. Thanks to Sandman I now know that there is value to a man's private musing, so I might as well start broadcasting my inner dialogue. I also post pick up videos and my comedy videos on here. I hope to grow in every way possible and leave a legacy to my offspring if I ever reproduce and to the next generation. While I am doing it I might as well multiply it by sharing it with people I wanted to touch long ago. I have meant to do something like this but never knew the timing had always been right, so here I am. No Fap and the nature's way to unleash men's potential 1:08-2:30 2:48-4:10 Child Abuse 4:30-6:09 Sandman and MGTOW my past purple pill days 7:00-7:51 My abusive childhood and how abusive people try to hypnotize us 8:21-10:00 Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser 2 reaction why many people cry to it. 10:00- 10:20 I believe today's horrible gender war can be and should be fixed. 11:30-14:00 Society and religions tell you what to do and set yourself free

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