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#111: Jim and Dave from CANVIVA!

#111: Jim and Dave from CANVIVA!

In this podcast episode I sit down over Skype for a chat with the founders of CANVIVA: Dave and Jim. CANVIVA is taking a unique approach to the CBD space. They are creating targeted formulations of CBD by combining the compound with already well-established essential oils. In this episode we talk about about their unique history, how they got into CBD, and what they hope to achieve over the next 5-10 years in the space. I really enjoyed this episode and I hope you will too. Check out CBD School's CANVIVA review here: https://www.cbdschool.com/canviva-cbd-review-coupon-code/ Make sure to use coupon code CBD-School20 to grab a 20% discount for your first time using CANVIVA's targeted CBD tinctures. --> Are you a cannabis/hemp investor? --> Are you a consumer who wants to learn more? --> Get in touch with CANVIVA here: https://www.canviva.com/ Learn more about CBD School: https://www.cbdschool.com/

Duration: 48 min

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