Shortie: 'A Cup of Poi'

Shortie: 'A Cup of Poi'

A bonus story from Hawaii, about the magic that happens when we show kindness to strangers in need. ------ If you’re looking for something extra to do while listening to today’s tale, ask a grown-up to print out the coloring page for this week’s story! You can find it at WBUR.org/circleround. At the end of this episode you'll hear more about how to play "Kindness Bingo." ----------- We’ve been hearing a lot from our listeners around the world - listeners like you! And many of you have been asking for more stories to help you get through this time of social distancing, when we’re all spending a bunch more time at home than we’re used to. Today we’re bringing you a special bonus episode of Circle Round.  Our story is called “A Cup of Poi.” Poi is a popular food where our tale originally comes from: Hawaii, the only island state in the United States. It’s all about the magic that happens when we’re kind to others… especially when we’ve never met them before!

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