Encore: 'The King And The Cobbler'

Encore: 'The King And The Cobbler'

Things are pretty different from what we’re all used to, aren’t they? You might be spending much more time at home, and finding new ways to pass the time each day… while staying safe and healthy and entertained. When things get challenging, there are all sorts of ways we can get through. And one of those ways is right there inside your head: Your imagination! This week, we’re bringing you a Circle Round episode that’s all about using your imagination -- your creativity -- in the face of difficulties and obstacles. It’s one of our favorite stories from season two, and whether it’s your first time hearing it or your tenth, we hope you enjoy it. This episode's story is called “The King and the Cobbler.” It was inspired by a folktale with origins in a number of places... from Germany and Italy, to Greece and Finland, to Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. Voices on this episode include: MaConnia Chesser, Evan Casey, Keith David and James Naughton.

Duration: 24 min

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