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Classless Quarantine: Orbital Funk Princesses Part 1

Classless Quarantine: Orbital Funk Princesses Part 1

Due to the recent shelter in place orders, we're taking a short break away from our regularly scheduled Bonanza adventures while we set up a new recording method. In the meantime, Steve takes us back to St. Philbert's Island for another special arc in one of our favorite systems, Monster of the Week! Jack, as Dylan, is joined by our special guests Lon, as Ox, and Adam, as Marvin, as Steve guides them through an adventure from the Monster of the Week expansion the Tome of Mysteries!A new gaming phenomena is sweeping across St. Philbert's, and it's been proving hard to put down. So hard, in fact, that you may have to throw yourself out a window. Can Dylan, Ox, and Marvin get to the bottom of things without getting arrested? Hunker down and wash your hands!Twitter: Reed Soundcloud: Will Run Spotify: out the link below for a special offer from Buzzsprout!

Duration: 1 hr 7 min

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