Coronavirus in California

"Coronavirus in California: Stories from the Front Lines" is a podcast from the Los Angeles Times hosted by reporter Gustavo Arellano. Every weekday, the podcast gives listeners dispatches from Californians who are in the thick of this pandemic. We hear from medical workers struggling to care for people who’ve fallen ill. We talk to renters and teachers, farmworkers and athletes, from Crescent City to Chula Vista. And we reach out to LA Times staffers to get reports from the field. "Coronavirus in California" will tackle tough questions: What’s actually going on in our hospitals and neighborhoods right now? How is life changing because of COVID-19? What can we do to help? We ask listeners to share their experiences by calling into our hotline -- 213-986-5652 -- and we’ll play parts of their stories on the podcast.[Advertisement] This L.A. Times podcast is presented to you by Blue Shield of California. The fight is tough, but so are you. Thank you, front line.

Episodes: 35


Catalina Island Prepares for a Comeback

Duration: 16 min

Archive Your Pandemic Days

Duration: 14 min

Sympathy for the Mom-and-Pop Landlord

Duration: 15 min

Hollywood Coronavirus Shuffle

Duration: 16 min

Rural California’s Coronavirus Conundrum

Duration: 15 min

A Conspiracy Pandemic

Duration: 15 min

Saving the Legendary City Lights Bookstore

Duration: 17 min

Dispatch from the Emergency Room

Duration: 18 min

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